Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Set off from Hawkesbury at 11:35 heading north. The morning was fine and dry with a breeze from the south. I’d had a very satisfactory 6½ mile run into Coventry and back, after a week lay-off due to the weather. I do miss my treadmill! (sad or what…).

A few boats moving today, the second of which was MOLLIE MAY II, they’d been up the Ashby and are now heading to Hillmorton to have an engine mounting looked at.
Then a short while later I was saying Hi to Roy on GERALD, who we’d moored behind at Trinity at the end of January.
We’d seen ORCA yesterday, also met at Trinity in January.

£1.60 a gallon! I must be a while since Charity Dock sold diesel. It’ll soon be £1.60 a litre!
On past Marston Junction and up through Nuneaton. The town looks worse in winter, the allotments are waiting for the spring and the rubbish can be seen through the leafless trees. There doesn’t seem to be so many shopping trollies this time though. Maybe I just didn’t notice, Mags was busy counting floating balls. She got up to around 30 before losing count.

Mags new hat.

Glad to be out of the town, we enter the quarried area around Judkins site.

Judkins Quarry
Surprisingly attractive, with the works hardly impinging on the canal. Signs of the industry are occasionally glimpsed all the way to Hartshill where we stopped for the night around 15:10. The day has stayed fine, though high cloud had hidden the sun later.

Saw this transport solution today. The deck rotates and a ramp drops to get the bike on and off.

Locks none
Miles 8

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Eleanor said...

Mum looks like she's really having a good time. Good to see her again. Too bad about the snow, but it beat's the -30C weather we had the last few weeks. Can't wait to see you again.
Love, Eleanor & Willmar