Monday, February 19, 2007

We stayed at Polesworth for the weekend, the weather was good, in fact on Sunday morning I was sat for a while at the front of the boat in a T shirt. I got in some quality training sessions on the excellent towpath between here and Tamworth.

Visitor moorings at Polesworth......

Near Pooley Hall.

We moved off at 11:00 today, down into Tamworth and the 2 locks at Glascote. As we arrived a boat was just leaving the top lock, so we went straight in. The bottom lock should also have been full for us, but leaks so much that it was nearly empty by the time we got there.

Canaltime boats at Alvecote.

Steve Hudson’s yard at Glascote top lock.

On to Fazeley Junction, and ¼ mile on up the Coventry to the sanitary station at Peel Wharf.

Crane at Peels Wharf

Then another ¼ mile or so to Bonehill Road bridge, winded and moored for the night.

Locks 2, miles 6.

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