Friday, February 09, 2007

Not a lot has happened since the last entry. We stayed at Basin Bridge for the weekend and the fine, dry weather gave me a chance to get the wood cut for the cupboards I’m making. My circular saw has just about reached the end of it’s tether, now. I’d made new brushes to replace the worn out ones a while ago, but now the commutator is so badly worn that it’s struggling to run. Ah well, it’s done well.

We moved down to Trinity Marina at Hinckley on Monday, intending to catch up with the shopping and then carry on on Tuesday towards the junction. But -4° C overnight left ice on the canal again, so we decided to hang on for a little longer. The cold persisted, thickening the ice, until the heavy snow on Thursday morning. We decided to move a bit further on that afternoon, after filling up with diesel, smokeless fuel, and water at the marina.
We got the diesel, but they were out of solid fuel, and the water was turned off to prevent frost damage. But all should be available the following day.
The ice was thicker than expected, anyway, so we waited another night.

Snow and Ice.

Finally got away about midday today, stores replenished. The ice is a lot thinner with the occasional heavier patch. A grey day, sleety rain started about 13:00, and worsened to a full snow storm by 15:00. But we were moored up near Burton Hastings, and snug inside, by then.

Leaving Hinckley. Still breaking ice.

Locks none
Miles 5½ (since the last entry!)

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