Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I hope Santa brought what you wanted?

I’m afraid he didn’t do much for us. Top of our wish list was relief from these coughs and colds that have been plaguing us for the past several days. But he mustn’t have been able to get down the chimney ‘cos we’ve still got ‘em!

Apart from the splutters and sniffles we’ve had a quiet Christmas in Middlewich, but decided to move on today. Bright with hazy sunshine, but certainly a lot cooler than over the weekend.

Out of town on the Middlewich Branch

There’s been a few boats about this weekend, and we were lucky to meet one just coming out of Stanthorne Lock as we arrived.

Nice shiny new top gate at Stanthorne
Installed only a couple of weeks ago.

Once you’re clear of Middlewich the branch is splendidly rural, passing through open farmland and small wooded copses. It runs higher than the Weaver valley, giving good views to the north and west.

The Weaver and Winsford Flashes
There are good moorings here, but with the weather so good it seemed a shame not to press on a bit. 

Converted stables and lengthman’s cottage near Wimboldsley.20161227_123959

We pulled in between bridges 12 and 13, looking down over the village of Church Minshull nestled in the valley.20161227_132133

We’ll stay here tomorrow, I reckon, then head for the Shroppie and down to Nantwich for the weekend. That gives us a chance to top up the cupboards before venturing onto the Llangollen early next week. There’s no decent shopping to be had till Whitchurch, and that’s a fair trek from the canal.

Locks 1, miles 5¼

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hi mate just to let you know was on the welsh ditch in October never again tony timewarp