Friday, December 02, 2016

Going nowhere fast.

We’ve had a couple of very short days! We’re in no rush, the stoppage for maintenance at Harecastle Tunnel isn’t lifted for another 2 weeks, so we’ve that long to get to Stoke. I don’t think that will be a problem…

Yesterday we moved up a bit from Shobnall Fields, stopping for fuel at Shobnall Marina. I felt quite smug, reversing into the narrow arched entrance without touching the sides. And I was being filmed by a party of visiting Americans! Usually spectators result in a huge cock-up…

Aiming for that hole…

…And safely in!

The moorhens at Shobnall are so well fed they look like bowling balls with heads and legs!IMG_2804

We pulled in a little further on, where there’s a ginnel through to the business park and Morrisons.

In the afternoon we had visitors – Dave came and introduced himself Wednesday morning, yesterday he came again with his wife, Sarah.
They’re looking forward to getting their boat out for an extended trip next spring, we might meet up again then. Hope so.

Fantastic sunset last night, I caught it with the sun just above the A38 bridge, and the reflection on the water below.

Today we moved on another mile, mooring near Branston Water Park. We’ll be here for the weekend now.

Branston Lock, a whopping three feet up!

We normally moor just before Bridge 34, but it a bit busy there at the moment…IMG_2823

The Branston Locks Development is a large project that will see both sides of the canal affected by mixed residential, retail and industrial areas. The new bridge, under construction at present, will be the main access from the A38.

It looks like they will be matching the brick facing of the current bridge.IMG_2824
There’s no mention of taking this one down, however.

Locks 1, miles 2

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