Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A good road down to Wheelock

That’s what the boatmen called having all the locks in their favour. In today’s case it was an exceptionally good road, a boat came past us last night at around 8 o’clock, and this morning I discovered that he’d left the top gates on 7 out of 10 locks today. Now that’s a good result, but I’d have been considerably miffed had I been going the other way!
Heading to Lock 58 at Hassall Green
That’s the M6 buzzing along (unusually!) just below the lock.
We’d got going earlier than I expected. The weather forecast suggested that we’d have rain this morning, but apart from a dollop overnight we didn’t see any till later. Just 20 minutes after we’d pulled in at Wheelock.
I didn’t take very many pictures today; once again I had my hands full, still single-handing. And today was lock after lock after lock. Seen one you’ve seen ‘em all…
Lock 59, the top one of a cluster of 6 running down past the golf course and Malkins Bank.IMG_3063
The canal-side settlement of Malkins Bank
Last but one, Lock 65 above Wheelock…
…and the last muddy, wet lock chamber for the day.
Unbelievably, with the locks left as they were,  managed the 10 locks and 2 and a bit miles in under 2 hours!
After the lunch-time shower I went to the pet superstore here at Wheelock and bought Meg’s Christmas present, a squeaky elephant, but don’t tell her… She’s been a bit out of sorts these last few days. With coughing and sneezing the background music, and Mags staying inside so she doesn’t know whether to stay onboard or get off, it’s all been a bit too much. Not long now, though. We’ll soon be better and we’re getting a couple of days off at Middlewich.

Hi Chas and Ann, and Naughty-Cal. Thanks for the thoughts. Lemsip with a dash of honey is good and fairly effective, but it’s even better if you stick a large scotch in there too! Only before bedtime, though…
Boat Crash 
Locks 10, miles 2¼

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