Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Foggy up to Fradley

It was a bit murky when we got up this morning…

Not a morning to be on the roads. I‘m glad we’ve a boat!

We left it a bit, but there was not much in the way of improvement, so we set off.

There are some very nice properties next to the canal in Alrewas…IMG_2851


Meg checks out another, tucked away up a lane to the playing fields.

The village is book-ended by locks, Alrewas Lock at the bottom and and Bagnall Lock at the top.

Bagnall Lock
The bottom gates, with heavy cranked balance beams, always swing open when the lock is empty. Stays were fitted at one time, but someone obviously had a better use from them! 
A boat arrived at the top as we were getting ready to leave, good timing.

There’s some private moorings on the left on the way to Common Lock, one length of which is for sale.
Fancy it? £65,000 and it’s yours.

There are some more moorings a little further on, doubling as an ape sanctuary.IMG_2857

Common Lock is there somewhere…

With the weather still staying gloomy and damp, we decided to pull in on the main Fradley moorings, rather than push on a bit as planned.

I wouldn’t want to meet this chap in a tunnel…
That’s a lamp and a half!

Mags comes into Keeper’s Lock, just below the moorings.IMG_2863

Plenty of room on these popular moorings at this time of year. We’ll move on again tomorrow, but how far depends on the weather.

Locks 4, miles 2.

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Chas and Ann said...

There seems to be no standard for tunnel lights! I was told no more than 10 watts of light whatever that means these days. Many have LED's these days. How many photons do you need?