Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A landmark event!

Today our reliable Isuzu diesel, affectionately known as Desmond, clocked up 10,000 hours!
That’s just under 1,000 hours per year. Of course, the gearbox hasn’t done anything like that.

I’m afraid the yellow plague flags are still flying, neither of us seem to be improving very fast now. Still coughing and sneezing and Mags is worse, so she’s still confined to quarters while I work us down the Cheshire locks.

The day started out dull and grey, but by late morning we had sunshine. It lifted the spirits, but not the temperature. A chill wind has sprung up making it feel a lot colder.

First locks of the day, the pair of Church Locks just around the corner.IMG_3047
Close enough together to set them both up at once.

They are followed by Halls, then the three Lawton Locks.IMG_3048

The Lawton Locks replaced a triple staircase that was situated over to the right of the picture. Apart from earthworks there’s nothing left now.

I was working steadily down, fairly quickly as the majority of the locks were full and ready for us. I was just dropping down the last of the Lawton Locks when a boat appeared around the corner below, so I could leave these gates open.

They’re easy to work single-handed, below each chamber there’s a short entry, just right for parking the boat for a quick nip up the steps to close up.

We pulled in at Rode Heath for an early lunch, it was only 11 after getting an early start, but I needed to get some bread and cold remedies from the village shop.

So soon after midday we toddled on again, in the sunshine.

Thurlwood Top Lock

I was contemplating pulling in above the two Pierpoint Locks, but it was still fine so we dropped down those two as well, mooring at Hassall Green above Lock 57.

Pierpoint Locks, the lower lock can be seen beyond the bottom gates of the top one IMG_3059
The little tail-gate bridges have a gap between the two cantilevered halves to allow horse boat’s tow ropes to pass through.

Another reason I wanted to get on a bit today is the weather forecast. It looks like there’s a band of rain and wind passing through overnight, so we might have a later start.

Hi KevinToo. Thanks for the thought, but we're fine. Anyway, you don't want to be anywhere near us at the moment!

Hi Carol, yes the bug is taking a while to shake off. We are heading for the Llangollen, but it'll be after the New Year before we get to Hurleston.

Locks 10, miles 3¼


Naughty-Cal said...

Hope you both start to feel better soon.

Chas and Ann said...

Have you tried hot lemon and honey with paracetamol. It works for us. Just hope you have planned a stop for a few days at least over Christmas, enjoy if you can. Best wishes Chas n Ann