Thursday, July 30, 2015

More of the same as we head towards Foxton.

Yesterday  got another coat of primer on the left side gunwale before we set off. It’ll need another though to bring the level up.

Another fine start to the day, didn’t live up to it’s promise!IMG_6587

Just before Welford Junction we passed from Northamptonshire into Leicestershire.

Welford JunctionIMG_6589
The Welford Arm, off to the right, serves the dual purpose of access to a small wharf in the village and a feeder for the summit level from the two reservoirs above. Opened in 1814 it was derelict for some time before being restored for navigation in 1969.

We pulled in on North Kilworth Wharf, needing diesel, gas, and a couple of bags of solid fuel!!! The nights are still getting cold…

North Kilworth WharfIMG_6593
They used to run three Anglo-Welsh hire boats from here, but they’ve now gone. The wharf is currently fitting out it’s own holiday boat for hire to complement the day boat they operate.

Opposite there’s a lot of activity going on as the groundwork for a new 220-berth marina continues.

We came through Husband’s Bosworth Tunnel and started looking for another suitable bit of piling for starting on the right side gunwale now that the towpath has switched sides.

A green tunnel in the cutting approaching…IMG_6596

…Husband’s Bosworth Tunnel

The original brick lining has been reinforced in places by sprayed concreteIMG_6603

Looking back through the straight 1166 yard long bore.IMG_6608

We pulled in on a short length of piling at the end of the northern cutting, and I set to with the orbital sander.
I had to do a bit of gardening first!

I didn’t get the sanding finished before the afternoon showers blew in again, but managed later in the evening sunshine, getting the first coat of primer on this side too.

This morning saw the second coat on the bare patches, so at least both sides of the boat match now!

Some fine views from the canal along here.IMG_6612

We met a few oncoming boats, one in a bridge hole, but the hardest to pass was the hotel pair belonging to Bywater. The motor, Kerala, was drawing quite a bit of water as she towed Karnataka around the corner. We were on the shallow side and I had to work quite hard to stay on my bit. So did the lass on the butty!IMG_6615

We pulled in above Gumley Road Bridge where the towpath is still on the right. We were lucky enough to get in a sunny spot at the end of the high hedge.IMG_6619
The last coat of primer will go on the the right side gunwale in the morning, then we’ll move through the bridge to where the towpath swaps sides so I can get a third coat on the left.
Then comes the hard graft of hand flatting in preparation for the top coats. Oh, and no rain today!

Locks 0, miles 8

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