Saturday, August 01, 2015

Down the locks and a Playboy Bunny on the Harboro’ Arm!

I never tire of the views around the Foxton Locks. The hundred-foot hill that the locks descends looks out over the Leicestershire Wolds, rolling fields of arable crops or grazed by black and white Fresians.

Looking north across the remains of the boat liftPanorama_0 

The top arm to the boat lift was dredged and the stop lock replaced a few years ago. It’s now being rapidly re-adopted by nature.

Looking down the locks20150801_082232

We didn’t want to get stuck in a queue so were waiting above the top lock at 09:15. I went to find the duty lockie and booked in, to be told that we’d just have to wait for two boats coming up the last of the locks and we could go straight down.

Mags in the top lock, Dave, one of two volunteers on today, posing.IMG_6622

I’d left my camera on board, so didn’t take any pics on the way down. Anyway, we rattled down so fast that I didn’t get much time! Top to bottom in 40 minutes! With two lockies on and no-one else in the flight it was a doddle.

Leaving behind the pedestrian swing-bridge next to the bottom arm.IMG_6623
Even this was opened for us by a boater waiting to go up!

We’d decided to head onto the Market Harborough Arm to moor till Monday as it’s quieter with boats and pedestrians than the main line. I wanted to get some paint on…
So we cruised down to the first winding hole, turned around and retraced our course to moor near Bridge 7.

On the Market Harborough ArmIMG_6624

Moored for a couple of days 

It took me 2½ hours (and aching shoulders…) to get the right side gunwale hand-flatted, then, after scrubbing and degreasing, I got the first top coat on.

Ready for paint…

…one coat on!IMG_6629
Doesn’t it give you an immense feeling of satisfaction getting that first coat on. The second doesn’t seem to have the same thrill…
I’ve decided to go matt this time, it seems to be the “in thing” at the moment. Anyway it’s easier to touch up. So I didn’t bother to lay-off with a brush, just slapped it on with a roller.
The second coat will go on tomorrow. Then I‘ll be looking for a low bank on the left as we head towards Leicester to do the same to the other side.

Oh yes, the Playboy Bunny. While I was rubbing down the primer she slowly appeared…IMG_6627
Tilt your head to the right… Got it?

Now come on guys, you didn’t really expect a long legged busty maiden in fishnets did you?

Locks 10, miles 2½


Richard said...

WE we were moored either just in front or just behind you yesterday at the top of Foxton locks- i had hoped to say hello this morning but you were up and off before we had had our second cup of coffee!!. LOve you blog and hope to meet up properly one day!!
Richard and Lynda
NB Pendle Warter

NB Muleless said...

Thought the bunny girl would have been Mags in her weekend getup!!!! Gary says have you used special gunwale paint?

Chas and Ann said...

Don't work too hard on your birthday, Geoff

Malcolm said...

Hi Geoff,
I was on the late shift, noticed you had gone through when I looked in the book.
Sorry to have missed you both.