Saturday, August 08, 2015

Onward to Sileby

We took a well earned break at Birstall yesterday. After all, we’d had four days cruising!

Meg always enjoys the walks around the water park along here, but it was certainly busy! The early morning ones were best, not so many folk about.

So, this morning, after a visit to the shops, we took advantage of a boat coming up Birstall Lock and set off.

Looking back at the almost-empty Birstall mooringsIMG_6730

Thurmaston Lock, Barbara doing the honoursIMG_6733

MGM is having a new workshop built…IMG_6735 
The lads on Chance were here a couple of weeks back, having some work done. Shame we missed them.

Aah, sweet!

Leaving Thurmaston the river leaves us, heading off under Johnson’s Bridge to cut the corner as the navigation, now artificial, heads past the old gravel pits that now make up the northern section of Watermead Country Park.

It might be canal, but it’s still very nice.IMG_6740

There’s a floating cafe plying it’s trade near the Hope and Anchor Bridge…IMG_6741
…good name!

Around the corner past Junction Boatyard is where the Wreake Navigation joins the Soar Navigation under a newish bridge. The old one was too low for boats, when it was due to be replaced as part of a new cycleway scheme successful lobbying saw a higher one installed.
Will the navigation itself be restored? Time will tell.

Junction Lock is next, and there was a boat coming up as my camera battery died. Luckily I had my phone with me…

Bob and Les on NB Anguilla, one of Seyella’s sister craft. 20150808_113740
Looking splendid in a new paint job. The boat, of course! The ladder gets him upon the roof…

Another spot of good timing at Cossington Lock, a boat coming out as we arrived…20150808_120144
…and another arriving as we left!

The Soar really is splendid when it’s behaving itself.20150808_122334

We were hoping to moor both boats above Sileby Lock, but there was already one boat there so we pulled in behind him and I helped John and Barbara down the lock so they could moor below. There’s really only room to moor two at the top without making it difficult for boats locking down.IMG_6746

Another day of rest tomorrow… back to normal, then!

Windows 10 installation scheduled for 20:00...

Locks 4, miles 5

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KevinTOO said...

Good luck with your Windows 10 installation...

I haven't got the faith in new operating systems
from the stable of Gates given previous problems :(

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the
installation process and your success at setting
it up to do what you want it to do... :)