Saturday, August 08, 2015

Ooh, communications blackout and I’m on the naughty step!

I went over my 5Gb data allowance on my Mifi dongle on Thursday night. So I tethered my phone to use it as a wi-fi hotspot, as I’ve done before. Then ran out of data on that too! And then received a text telling me I shouldn’t be using it for tethering without paying an extra £5 a month! Slapped wrist!

Anyway, my new allowance started today, and they also gave me an extra 5Gb for this coming month, doubling my allowance, in advance of a new 15Gb contract starting next month.
So I’m alright to download Windows 10 when they let me know it’s available. That’s 3.5Gb right there…

Oh, the download has started! Pity I’m only on a 3G network not 4G. Still, we’ve got 1.5Gb already. Rockin’!
Windows 10 here we come!Fingers crossed

Backdated posts to follow...

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