Friday, July 03, 2015

A day’s delay as Meg makes an unscheduled visit.

We had a strange looking moon last night, probably something to do with dust in the dry atmosphere.
Yesterday afternoon we had a visit from a friendly Jack Russell  bitch called Bess who just wouldn’t go away. Her tag told us that she was from one of the properties along the bank so I put her on a spare lead and set off to take her home, taking Meg along as well. That was a mistake.
I found the house, and the owner in his workshop out the back, But unfortunately he had another dog, a Labrador which took exception to the strange dog on his patch. A skirmish ensued, sorted out quickly, and we left them to it. What I didn’t realise until later was that blood was drawn, Meg suffering a cut on her flank.
Not sure how the other dog is…

I cleaned it up and applied antiseptic cream, but thought that a professional opinion was called for. There’s a vet in Downham Market, and my first thought was to drop down onto the Relief Channel and moor there to take her up. But then I thought that maybe the moorings would be full at the town, so I rang the vet and got the number of a local pet transport service.

To cut a long story short, the vet cleaned up the cut and prescribed a course of antibiotics and supplied some antiseptic wash. No stitches, not necessary, but it’ll take a couple of weeks to heal properly.

I’m not going to take it any further with the other dog owner, after all we were on his property. Meg’s not badly hurt and we’ll be moving on tomorrow.  As a postscript, little Bess turned up again this afternoon, but her owner arrived and took her away again without seeing us. I’m sure it’s a regular thing.

If you need a small animal vet in Downham Market the people at The Hollies were really nice and helpful, and Mel from Mel’s Complete Petcare couldn’t have done more for us, collecting, delivering, waiting for and returning us to Denver. Thanks so much.

It’s been another warm day, but breezier so feeling cooler. Locking time tomorrow is 10:45 to catch the tide down to Salter’s Lode, so I’m not sure how far we’ll get. Probably only to Outwell.

Locks 0, miles 0


KevinTOO said...

How sad that Meg had to suffer just because the owner of Bess can't keep her safely in his home.

Hope Meg is feeling better soon, an extra Bonio (other dog treats are available) is called for tonight I think :)

Sue said...

Oh dear, well I know I shouldn't say it but I hope Meg gave as good as she got!

Really pleased to hear that Meg is not too badly hurt, and pleased too that you found a very friendly vet.

I remember once calling out a vet to our Meg as I couldn't stop a paw bleeding after she stood on a piece of glass.

They came with a van but wouldn't take her to the surgery for stitches until I got my check book out and paid them!

Good outcome for Meg though.. Outwell is very nice, there are some walks through the orchards if you cross the bridge and turn left there is a footpath about 150 yards on the right to take you there.

Carol said...

Hope Meg’s wound gets better quickly, not a nice thing to happen. I know how we felt when it happened to Molly in Guildford a few years back and it took 3 lots of antibiotics to heal it. Hugs to all three of you. xxx

nb Chuffed said...

Glad to hear Meg is ok
Best wishes
Debby and Dave

Ade said...

Nasty looking that Geoff, hope Meg mends quickly and is right as rain soon.
Regards to Mags to.