Sunday, July 05, 2015

Showers and a lucky break at March.

There’s a water point on the mooring at Upwell, so we filled up before we left this morning. The cabinet is secured with a chain and padlock, and the key is held at the Post Ofiice. So the chap from the shop came over last evening and left it unlocked in case anyone needed it today while the PO was shut. How thoughtful.

Leaving Upwell this morningIMG_6136

The day started sunny and dry, but black clouds started to roll in on a strengthening breeze and it started to rain not long after we got going.

We locked through Marmont Priory Lock in the rain, with the help of Maureen (I think), the part-time lockie, and by this time the sky was brightening from the west.

Passing the junction with Popham’s Eau, after it’s trip around the villages of Outwell and Upwell, the navigation is now on the old course of the Nene, and is wide and deep compared to Well Creek.IMG_6139

The Twenty-Foot River comes in on the north bank. I was tempted to go this way, rejoining the link route at Angle Corner and thus bypassing March. Until I looked at the bridge heights… The lowest one has headroom of only 5’2”. I didn’t want to have to empty the roof so we went straight on.IMG_6141

The first bridge since Marmont Priory Lock carries the railway line between March and Ely, and also marks the start of the town’s built-up area.

Creek Railway BridgeIMG_6143

The first lot of moorings, just before Town Bridge, was jammed with boats, some two abreast.IMG_6144 This wasn’t looking good…

We motored under the bridge and pulled onto the services for 5 minutes while I emptied a loo tank. There was space on the moorings opposite, but they’re a bit gloomy, overshadowed by trees in the deep cutting. Just around the corner is our preferred mooring spot, and  was delighted to see only one boat on the landing, where there’s room for two. Excellent!

We were tied up in time for me to get the dish up and watch the last ¾ of the British Grand Prix, pleased to see Lewis Hamilton further secure his leading position in the championship. It wasn’t straight forward, though.

Then a stroll up to Sainsbury’s for groceries and a walk for Meg around the park finished off the afternoon.

Tomorrow we’ll have a long day, intending to be moored in Peterborough by the end.

Locks 1, miles 8

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Sue said...

Lucky you to get on that end mooring!

Try moor between the services and the London Road bridge There tends to be druggies under the first bridge you come to (Frank Perkins bridge) after turning on to the Nene proper.

Also there are winos sitting on the benches frequently along the riverside, so the nearer the services you are the better. ;)