Monday, July 27, 2015

Short days…

With the weather staying unsettled, and us in no particular rush, we’re not planning on long days. Today we’d left it open, maybe getting to Downton but if the sky looked a bit dodgy making an earlier stop at Bridge 27.
We delayed our departure for 20 minutes as a shower passed over, but the sun made a fleeting appearance as we set off past the marina.

Leaving CrickIMG_6565

With the shallow, winding nature of the canal there’s no rushing it, but that didn’t stop several oncoming boats going too fast for the navigation. It’s that time of year again…IMG_6567

Past the isolated bump of Crack’s Hill

Yelvertoft Marina is now sporting a slipway. It wasn’t here last time we came this way.IMG_6568
The main mooring basin is just around the corner.

We dropped off the rubbish at Bridge 19, just outside of Yelvertoft village, but didn’t bother filling with water at this time.

Fine countryside in north Northamptonshire.IMG_6569

Ewe shouldn’t be there…

The canal describes a large S bend as it leaves Yelvertoft, heading south, then east, north-east, north-west and north-east again to arrive at Mountain Barn Bridge, Bridge 27.

Yelvertoft Fieldside Covert straddles the canal just before the bridgeIMG_6574  
The south side woodland is open to the public. A short but pleasant stroll through the trees.

We moored just beyond the bridge on piling. There’s a couple of boats already here, but it’s not as busy as we’ve seen it.

Looking down from the track up to Mountain Barn.IMG_6577
That’s us, being passed by a couple of the several boats on the move today.

We pulled in because the sky was looking threatening, but it didn’t rain till gone four, so we could have gone a little further. Never mind.

Locks 0, miles 4½

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