Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Just a gentle day.

With showers forecast for the afternoon we decided to move on this morning, but made sure we were tied up by lunchtime.

We pulled pins at around half past ten, making slow progress with knots of boats at irregular intervals moored along the towpath.

The original bridges crossing the navigation are of red bridge, mellowed softly over the last 200-odd years.IMG_6507

One of several anglers today. The human ones were generally equally aloof…IMG_6502

The clouds started to roll in late morning, but we got away with only a few drops before we moored up, about a mile short of Nether Hayford.

Looking a bit dodgy…IMG_6505

The forecast was right, we’ve had two or three heavy showers this afternoon. It looks a bit better
tomorrow, so we’ll head up Buckby Locks, and look for a mooring to wait out Friday’s poor weather.

Hi Steve, Angela. Yes, we've heard the same. It seems to be at the bottom of the "thick" where the problem occurs. Plenty of water either side.
Hiya Tom. Their slogan, not mine! Although they've dropped that now in favour of "That calls for a Carlsberg". Endless possibilities there...

Locks 0, miles 4¼

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