Monday, February 23, 2015

Just around the corner…

Today we moved from near Whitchurch to the moorings above Grindley Brook Locks.

Mags heads for New Mills Lift BridgeIMG_3610

Early snow, sleet and rain had cleared away, leaving bright sunshine, but there was a cold wind blowing from the north. It was this that made us decide to stay at the top of the locks, rather than head down. It wouldn’t have been pleasant locking in the wind, especially if a snow shower had blown across.

We pulled up on the moorings above the locks, tomorrow we’ve got to fill with water and empty loos and rubbish before we drop down the locks.

Moored above Grindley BrookIMG_3612

I spent the afternoon dismantling, cleaning and reassembling the old vacuum cleaner, it’s going to a new home soon. Then I got the mounting bracket for the new Dyson fitted to the bulkhead at the aft end. Another job done.

Hi Les, Jaq, good to hear from you. There's a very good chance we'll finally meet this spring. We'll be heading down the T&M while you're heading up. We'll have to keep an eye on each other's posts to make sure we can get together at some point. Looking forward to it.

Locks 0, miles 1

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