Saturday, February 21, 2015

Finishing off yesterday’s trip.

We cruised just a short distance to near the Whitchurch Arm junction today, chased by sunny spells and wintry showers. North and east, thanks Tom.

We’d had rain and sleet most of the morning, but there was a fine spell at around 11:00, so we set off.  IMG_3604
It wasn’t to last, grey clouds rolled in again by the time we’d go to the first of the two Hassell’s Lift Bridges.

A kestrel was hunting in the field alongside, I struggled to get a good picture but failed. This is the best of a bad bunch…
…I hadn’t realised he was looking at me!

A light rain started falling as Mags brought the boat between the bridges while Meg and I walked the short distance. I got the bridge up, Mags came through and I waited for another boat coming the other way.

Hassell’s No1 Lift BridgeIMG_3609
She picked us up under the Wrexham Road Bridge, then we went just a little further, past the ABC Leisure hire base, and moored just short of the arm.

The forecast is pretty grim for tomorrow so we’ll stay put, probably moving on on Monday.

I’ve an 11 mile run first thing, could be a little uncomfortable.

Locks 0, miles 1½

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