Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Early Spring?

Or am I speaking too soon…

At 11:00 this morning the sky was blue, the air was warm, the temperature on the roof was 16.5°!IMG_3625


“Spring is sprung, the grass is riz
I wonder where the birdies is?
The bird is on the wing,
but that’s absurd!
Because the wing is on the bird!”

I’d got back from my run at just after 09:00, so by the time I‘d showered, ate and walked Meg it was gone 11:00. We hadn’t planned to move today, but the weather was so glorious that I had to get on with something outside. I removed everything loose from the roof apart from the top box and fuel pallet, and set to with a stiff brush and plenty of canal water.

It was warm enough to be up there in bare feet, my preference when I’m walking around on the roof. I should really have put shorts on too….

Anyway, a couple of hours later the roof is looking very much better, the gunwales have been scrubbed and the cabin side washed off.

The day had started to spoil by now, clouds moving in bringing a bit of light rain. The last job was to replace the mounting ropes for the left side rear sausage fender which protects the counter paintwork.
I had to get my head down for an hour afterwards!

We’ll toddle down into Wrenbury tomorrow.

Hi Chas, Ann. Just getting into the zone, now!
Andy, we’ll be in Wrenbury till Saturday morning, then moving on towards Hurleston. Unless you’re going the same way we’ll probably miss you. Next time, eh.

Hi Judith, John. I should have realised we’d have a problem when I noticed that the water was a good foot below the top of the gates when we moved into the middle chamber. I’ll remember next time…

Hi Ade. Thanks for the perseverance and the kind comments. That series is videos is good, isn’t it. I
wish I’d watched them before I started painting Seyella

Locks 0, miles 0

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Linda said...

Your photos are beautiful!