Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A little peace and quiet.

We moved around the corner onto the Ellemere Arm on Sunday, to make it easier for the shopping.
Vermuillen’s in town provided us with some superb pork and black pudding sausages and very nice dry-cured middle bacon. As well as some cakes… The builders merchant sold me a small hatchet and some cables ties, and I must confess to using the handy Tesco for most other things.

It’s pretty busy on the visitor moorings, folks toddling past at all hours, so today we came back out, filled the water tank, and cruised just a half mile out into the country. There’s an unofficial winding hole between the pipe bridge and Bridge 60, so we used that and reversed a little way to moor.

I think we were the first out on the cut this morning, the clear water at the service wharf allowed me to inspect the sacrificial anodes…
…they’ll do another couple of years.

The towpath side is mainly piled along here, but there are some concrete sections. This poor mole had come up against one, not once but ten times!IMG_3561
You’d have thought he’d have gone off in a different direction after the first couple of abortive attempts, wouldn’t you. I wonder how many finish up in the canal when they burrow through a soft edge?

Moored out in the country.

We’ll stay here now till Saturday. The bird feeders are hanging in a nearby tree, we good TV and a moderate phone signal.

Back into Ellesmere at the weekend will allow a final top up of the cupboards before we set off back east towards the Shropshire Union. No rush though, we’ve plenty of time.
My first race (also a part of my marathon training) is a half marathon at Oulton Park race track up near Winsford, on March 8th. So we’ve three weeks to get somewhere near there.

Locks 0, miles ¾    

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Nb Yarwood said...

Moles are good swimmers I saw one crossing the Thames in fine style just along from Abingdon.