Sunday, February 08, 2015

Ellesmere again

We didn’t have far to go so there was no rush to get off. The day started misty and damp, and frankly didn’t improve all that much. There was a glimmer of sunshine around noon but then the mist rolled in again.
Anyway, we couldn’t leave without making sure our local charity cases had had brunch…IMG_3547



I always feel a bit guilty taking down the feeders as we leave, in fact Mags had to remind me as we pulled away…

Still, another boat just along the bank has a more varied menu than us, so I’m sure they’ll get by.

Mist across the fields, just a bit brighter as the sun tried and failed to appear.IMG_3554

We pulled in to fill with water and empty the rubbish and a loo at the maintenance yard, then pushed across to moor opposite.

Ellesmere maintenance yard

The dry dock here is available to rent by the day, useful to know.IMG_3559

We didn’t go down the arm, not knowing if there was room or even if it was iced up. A trip for essential shopping later showed that there was plenty of the former and none of the latter. So we’ll head in there tomorrow to be nearer the shops and away from this really crappy fine gravel towpath surface…

Locks 0, miles 1½

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Carol said...

Love the picture of the door/field mouse … so cute! Hope you’re both well and managing to stay warm, it’s nice to hear that the temperatures over the next few days are not so cold!