Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A minor change of plan.

We’d intended to be away today, retracing our journey back towards Cheshire and the Shropshire Union. It would have been a good day for it, too. Despite a cool westerly it’s been fine and dry, with good long sunny spells.

But I’ve been intending to get a cordless vacuum cleaner for a while; I get fed up having to fire the engine up to clean up, with a cordless I can charge it while we’re cruising, and use it while we’re not.
Of the three main options (Bosch Athlet, GTek AirRam, Dyson Digital) I opted for the Dyson as we’ve had these while living in bricks and mortar.

Checking prices there’s some good deals on at the moment, Argos and Tesco are both offering about £50 off, but it was really a no-brainer. I got another £50 off with my Clubcard vouchers, and I can pick the machine up at the canal-side Tesco in Ellesmere. So that’ll be Thursday morning.

We had visitors yesterday, so stayed in Ellesmere, down on the arm. But today we’ve left, just moving half a mile upstream to moor where we stayed for a couple of night last week.

Out onto the canal, Beech House and the maintenance yard dead ahead.IMG_3566

Lots more spring lambs around now.IMG_3572

I’m having chops tonight but Mags is having fish. She hates the thought of eating these little cuties.  I have no such scruples…

Locks 0, miles ½

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Chas and Ann said...

Don't forget the mint sauce!