Wednesday, October 01, 2014

White Rabbits and a bit of a disappointment.

I got back from taking Meg for a walk this morning, and took Mags a brew through to the bedroom. “White Rabbits” she said. “Eh?” I said. “White Rabbits” she repeated.
I thought she’d finally lost the plot until she explained that saying this before you say anything else on the 1st of the month is supposed to bring good luck. I guess she’s resurrected an old custom. You can also say “Rabbit, rabbit” apparently. That’s if you want to sound like Chas and Dave…

It didn’t work for me, though. I got a phone call from our “postmistress”, Mags' grand-daughter Melanie, this evening. She had a large envelope addressed to me and splashed with “Virgin Money London Marathon”. I’d been waiting to see if my application  for a place was successful… it wasn’t. For the third time. Bugger.

But there’s a fall-back position. I’ve just entered the Greater Manchester Marathon, held a week earlier than London. So that’s my winter mornings taken up now.

We had a relaxing day yesterday, and it wasn’t much heavier today, at least cruising-wise. We dropped down Mountsorrel Lock at just before 11:00 and pulled across onto Sileby Mill’s fuel barge.

Mags heads out of the lock before we push across for fuel.IMG_1796

Diesel, gas and a set of drip mats for under the engine purchased we set off again, less than a mile to Mountsorrel.

Fine morning, fine bit of river.IMG_1797

We were able to get moored above the lock at Mountsorrel, there’s room for a couple of boats here without overlapping the lock landing, but you can’t really get both ends in. With the river low at the moment the submerged log and lump of concrete are not far below water level. IMG_1798
We’re meeting my folks here for lunch at the Waterside tomorrow.

This afternoon I’ve replaced the hoses between the engine and calorifier, including the branch to my little feet heater… It involved a bit of inventive bending and twisting, but that’s boats for you. I’m glad it’s done; the ones I took off are stiff and brittle.

Hi Caroline and Martin, good to meet you, glad you made it OK. I hope the weather holds for the rest of your trip. Good luck.

Steve, Angela, we’ll be in Loughborough for the weekend, I reckon. Might see you there?

Ay up Sue. We have spares, two! those are the two that have just been repaired. I think they fail because they get too hot. I’m looking into drawing cool air up from the bilge for them.

Locks 1, miles 1


Sue said...

Oh darn it Geoff! :(

Oh well that will keep you in training for another year.. Teehee says she crawling under the dinette with a titter! :P

Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Sue.
Not too disappointed really. It's a lot easier to get to Manchester by boat than London!
Some long runs to do on winter mornings between now and April...