Wednesday, October 08, 2014

It’s the full moon…

…that’s to blame! That’s why we’ve had a series of lunatic boaters hanging their boats up in locks all over the system!
Here’s a link to a report on the Iron Bridge Lock incident..

Very bright it was last night too, reflecting back off the weir alongside our mooring.IMG_1834
An 8 second exposure has blurred the foaming water tumbling down the steps.

I’ve been on my head in the engine ’ole again today, replacing the drip mats under the engine. When I swapped the heater hoses last week the spilled coolant finished up in the bilge under the engine, soaking the mats, so they had to come out.

We’re expecting visitors tomorrow for lunch, Joe and Lesley, NB Yarwood, will be passing on their trip to Leicester. Looking forward to seeing them again. I’m sure the conversation will turn to our trip across the Wash next Spring! 

Time and weather permitting we’ll head back towards Loughborough and the Trent tomorrow

Locks 0, miles 0

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