Sunday, October 12, 2014

Foggy morning cruise

Most folk have left it till the morning fog burnt off, but I wanted to be tied up above Derwent Mouth Lock by 11:00 to watch coverage of the Russian Grand Prix.

It was a bit thick early on…


We pulled out at just before ten, under the road bridge and through Sawley Flood Lock. Unlike those on the Soar, flood locks on the Trent are only used in flood conditions.

Chimney smoke didn’t help visibility!IMG_1920

Under the pipe bridge…

…and out across Derwent Mouth.IMG_1922
The entrance to the Trent and Mersey is dead ahead – I think!

The fog was slowly lifting as we reached Derwent Mouth Lock, Lock 1 of 76 on the canal.
A small cruiser was in the lock when we arrived, ready to come down. The single chap aboard was looking harrassed, trying to keep an eye on three small girls (all in lifejackets) while working the lock. I suggested he might like to get the “crew” and himself aboard while I worked the lock, an idea he was very thankful for!

Cruiser gone, Mags heads for the lock.IMG_1924

A boat was waiting above, so I didn’t have to close the single gate we’d used. We moored a couple of hundred yards up, aerial up and time for me to chop a bit of firewood before 11:00.

There’s been a fairly steady stream of boats both up and down since the fog lifted around noon, and we’ve even had some bright sunshine this afternoon. Meg and I played ball, in between throws she got a good combing through. It’s bribery, but but works…
After her clipping in the spring her coat is just getting long enough now for mats and tangles to appear. Got to keep on top of them now.

Oops, nearly forgot to mention Steve, NB Tumbleweed No5 who interrupted his run to stop for a chat. Good to meet you. If we'd have been in Sawley for another day I was going to invite you both for a brew. Next time, eh.

Locks 1, miles 1. Back to normal cruising speed, then…


KevinTOO said...

Welcome back to South Derbyshire :)

I'll try to pop out and see you before the week is out if that's OK? Don't let the bribe of donuts and pork pie influence your reply though... LOL

Ann Moore said...

Hi Geoff & Mags,
Kev is at the boat on the marina near you R&R is the second boat inside the marina where the bridge is

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Ann
I guess you'll know by now that Kev came to visit yesterday. Good to see him, he told us all you've been up to. Keep well.

KevinTOO, you're welcome any time. Plan is probably Weston tomorrow, Stenson or Willington Wednesday, definitely Willington Thursday. We're going in to Mercia on Friday for a long weekend, got to go oop norf on Monday.
Give me a call to arrange - 0770 3728793

KevinTOO said...

Hi Geoff & Mags,
Thanks, I'll give you a call to see where you are moored on Wednesday afternoon, cakes & pie on order :)