Friday, October 17, 2014

Mercia Marina

After KevinToo’s visit on Wednesday we moved a bit further away from Willington, to a quieter bit of towpath. It’s a very pleasant canalside village but is spoilt by the busy railway lines running close by.

Today we upped sticks again and moved into Mercia Marina.

The access channel to the marina

The marina is based on a disused gravel pit, with peninsulas added to break the moorings up into smaller, isolated areas.

Purloined from the website -

The buildings now to be seen above the road bridge is the new development called the boardwalk, which had it’s official opening just last weekend. It’s not shown on the aerial shot, above.

The BoardwalkIMG_1972

We pulled onto the visitor moorings on the Boardwalk “island” and I went to book in at the office and to find out where they were putting us for the next few days.IMG_1974

We finished up on Avocet, pretty much where we were last time we were here. You always get a good welcome here…

I had a quick visit with Bruce and Sheila, NB Sanity Again, this afternoon when I took Meg up to the exercise field for her lunchtime constitutional, then later we met the famous blogging dog Sally with Elanor and Sheila.
Tomorrow I’ll have a toddle round to the other side of the pond to see Mike and Mags on Rose of Arden.

Although we’re not going up to God’s Country (Yorkshire, of course!) until Monday I’ve got a car from Enterprise today. A bit different, a Dacia Duster. Hmm. It’s 4WD. I did explain that we were going up the M6 rather than across country…
Still, it seems to drive nicely, and I do like a higher driving position. It’ll get a bit of use before it goes back. Now then, where’s the nearest off-road course? Only joking, Mr Enterprise!  

Locks 0, miles ½

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