Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Just a quickie…

A cruise and a post! Terry and Pam changed their plans for today; instead of staying at Hopwas they joined us as we cruised south to Fazeley. We arrived about noon, had a lazy afternoon then visited the chippy for tea.

Leaving Hopwas
On the rising ground is Hopwas Hayes Wood, recorded in the Domesday Book and one of very few areas of ancient woodland still existing in the UK. Owned jointly by the MOD and LaFarge Aggregates, it’s now under threat of quarrying for sand and gravel. 123 acres of the woodland will be destroyed if plans, outlined in the new Minerals Local Plan for Staffordshire, go ahead.

It was a pleasant day, warm out the breeze, and we had a short but enjoyable trip to Fazeley. Quite a few boats about too, most met at awkward bridge holes!

Moored at Fradley, the girls acting up as usual when they get together…IMG_2067

This was definitely our last get-together. We’re parting company tomorrow. Shame, we’ve enjoyed their company. It’ll be next year before we see them again.

Locks 0, miles 3

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