Wednesday, October 15, 2014

An easy day and a VERY welcome visitor!

It’s been a bit damp on and off today, but no heavy rain until this evening. Our trip today was split in two by Stenson Lock, the last and deepest of the broad locks at this end of the canal.

Toll house at Swarkestone, alongside the gauging narrows.IMG_1958

Nb Dessie tows a duck house, complete with solar power!IMG_1959

We spent the morning dodging Canaltime boats heading back to Sawley for Friday and Saturday. Over half of the oncoming boats today had the distinctive front cabin panel.IMG_1962

A boat was just entering the top of Stenson Lock as we arrived, and by the time they were down and out we were joined by another to go up. It’s much better to share these deep, wide locks, a single boat moves around too much with the flow of the water.

Stenson Lock, the cafe alongside is favourite spot for boat watching.IMG_1966

He’s a fine looking chap!

We headed in to Willington, needing to empty a loo tank. It was a quick visit as I’d already watered and rubbish-ed at Swarkestone. I was hoping we’d be able to moor between the winding hole and the road bridge, but we were just pipped to the last slot, so we turned around and moored a little further back.
We need to be this way around anyway, we’re booked into Mercia Marina for the weekend. Mags has her annual MOT on Monday, so we will be off up north. And we were expecting a visitor.

KevinToo, regular blog reader and contributor to this and many other blogs was coming to see us. Unfortunately his Mum, Sylia, is not so good, so couldn’t come, but he brought goodies instead.

Doughnuts for Mags…
…pork pie for me, and hide chews for Meg!

Meg looks interested too, but she’s not likely to get any of those!

We had a pleasant couple of hours chatting before he had to get away. Good to see you Kevin, anytime, especially if you bring treats! See you again soon, hopefully with Sylvia next time.

Mick off NB Rose of Arden said Hi as he passed as well, they’re in Mercia so we’ll look them up this weekend.

Locks 1, miles 5


KevinTOO said...

The pleasure was all mine, the smile on Mags face when she saw those doughnuts... what a wonderfully priceless radiant grin ;)

Many thanks to Lesley, nb Yarwood, for the tip-off :)

Carol said...

Hope all is well with Margaret’s MOT this weekend. Still missing you both. xx