Thursday, September 04, 2014

We nearly made it through Crick Tunnel…

…without meeting any one. But in the last 400 yards of the 1500 yard long tunnel we met two oncoming boats. Still, everyone was sensible, slowing right down but not stopping, and we passed without any contact with boat or wall.

Before we got away though I washed and polished the right-hand cabin side. IMG_1481
I know what you’re thinking; why go to that trouble when this morning we’re going through a tunnel which is notoriously wet. Well, we won’t have this side on the towpath for quite some time, and with the wax on at least I can just leather it off again on the other side.

Here’s that tunnel, seen through Bridge 10IMG_1483

One compensation for the tunnel being wet is the fantastic flowstone curtains produced by lime leaching out of the soil and being deposited on the tunnel walls by the water.IMG_1484

Apart from the two oncoming boats I also spotted a small bat about a ¼ of the way through. It took off from the wall as we approached, flitted through the lights and onward into the darkness. Too fast to photograph, though.

Out of the far end we pulled onto Crick Wharf to fill with water and empty a loo, and I had the chance to get that polished paintwork dried off. Not so daft after all, eh.

Crick Wharf

This is new…

Any idea what this valve type thingy is, hanging off the south side of Bridge 12? The size of the pipe probably rules out water, maybe town gas?
We pulled in just beyond the bridge, and, after lunch, I washed and polished the left side now the towpath has swapped over. Now we’re all shiny and smart for going into Crick Marina in the morning.

Locks 0, miles 2½

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