Friday, September 12, 2014

Top of Foxton Locks

We didn’t move yesterday. I had a few jobs to do, the gunwale on the towpath side needed touching up, and our document filing was getting completely out of hand! I’ve now got a stack of old statements and paperwork 8” high!
Roll on colder weather; it’ll go in the stove.

It was definitely autumnal this morning as we pulled pins and set off.

Leaving Welford Junction

Looking down the Welford ArmIMG_1534


The pattern-maker did very well getting all this information on a standard GJCCo milepost. If it’d been me I’d have rounded up the fractions!

Opposite North Kilworth Wharf a large new residential development is taking shape.IMG_1537
I thought at first it might be yet another new marina…

Husbands Bosworth Tunnel cuts through the ridge upon which the village is built. IMG_1540
Established probably around the time of the end of the Roman occupation, it was originally known as Baresworde, Saxon for Bare’s farm. The prefix “Husbands” was added to differentiate the village from the nearby Market Bosworth, and indicates the predominantly farming (husbandry) nature of the area.
It also has the dubious honour of being home to the last 9 witches to be executed in Leicestershire…

The tunnel was completed in 1813, then in 1924 a refurbishment was required. IMG_1543
I thought we’d got away without meeting anyone in the tunnel, but an Ashby Canal hire boat appeared when we were about ¾ through. They were sensible, though, we both slowed to tickover and passed without touching each other or the sides.

Definitely Autumn…IMG_1544

The length of canal north of Bridge 50 is one of my favourites, with the Laughton Hills rising on the left and views of the Leicestershire Wolds through gaps in the hedge to the right.IMG_1546

It was made all the more special today with sightings of a couple of kingfishers…IMG_1548



As close as that, eh.

We pulled in between Gumley Road Bridge and the top of the locks. Most folk here seem to have moored before the bridge where there’s no mooring restriction, but the 2 day limit here will do us fine. IMG_1559
It’s sunnier here…

Locks 0, miles 7½


Anonymous said...

Great action shot of the kingfisher

Anonymous said...

Great action shot of the kingfisher

Geoff and Mags said...

Not deliberate, the thing took off as I pressed the button!