Friday, September 05, 2014

In Crick Marina

We moved just a quarter mile today, up the canal and into Crick Marina. IMG_1490
After sorting out the paperwork we moored in a slot opposite the service wharf, plugged in and set up the free wifi available. The mobile signal is notoriously poor here.

At around noon I was collected by Fern from Enterprise in Daventry, to sort out our wheels for the weekend. All was fine till we did the checks around the vehicle, one of the rear tyres looked a bit low. It turned out to have a puncture caused by a nail, and the tyre people couldn’t do it immediately. So I was lent another car so I could do the shopping at Tesco and get back to the marina. Meanwhile the tyre was replaced and then Fern brought the car out to me, swapping it for the Hyundai I’d had meanwhile.
Excellent service as we would expect from this company.
They do a lot of business with boaters in the local marinas, and some wag has modified the publicity poster in the office…
I had to laugh!

A quiet day tomorrow with a bit of a doze in the afternoon, then an early night. We’ll be up and off by three o’clock on Sunday morning.

Thanks to KevinToo and Malcolm Hartas for the latest donations to my Givey page.
Still plenty of time for those who’ve been meaning to add to my fundraising total… And it’s even easier to donate by text – SEYE98 £[your donation] to 70070.
Thanks in anticipation.

Locks 0, miles ¼


Neil Corbett said...

Your donations page wouldn't take my comment so I will wish you very good luck for Sunday here! Hope it all goes well.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Geoff
We will make a donation to your cause. But it can't go on our mobile and I'm not prepared to provide contact details to a 3rd party.
Do you have a bank account we can transfer the money to (eg Paypal or a UK bank)

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Tom. Givey accepts payment via Paypal, so you should be able to do it that way. You'll appear as "anonymous" on the donors list, though.
If you can't do it that way you can transfer it to me via Paypal, and I'll put it on.
Many thanks, whichever you decide.