Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shared locks to Kilby Bridge

We arrived at our first lock today to find it empty, set against us. This wasn’t unexpected; a couple of boats had already passed while we were still on our mooring at Wistow.

Approaching Newton Top LockIMG_1689

While we were waiting for it to fill another boat arrived, NB Rufford, a timeshare with a complement of five aboard.

Sharing Newton Top Lock with NB RuffordIMG_1690

From this point on Meg and I stayed on the towpath as the locks are never more than 10 minutes apart. Having plenty of crew meant that I could walk ahead and get the next one ready.

Although it didn’t quite work out at Spinney Lock, a C&RT work-boat was in the chamber, they were cleaning the lock gates prior to an inspection.

Fifteen minute pause at Spinney LockIMG_1691

We met a pair of boats coming up the adjacent Bottom Half Mile Lock and Turnover LockIMG_1692
There wasn’t a lot of imagination used to name these locks. The one above, half a mile above, is Top Half Mile Lock, and Turnover Lock sits alongside the turnover bridge where the towpath swaps sides.

The final two for us today were Tythorn Lock (named after the hill alongside) and Bumblebee Lock (???).

Mags approaching Bumblebee Lock
Our lock companions wanted to push on a bit further, so after filling the water tank at the services and themselves at The Navigation they left us behind at Kilby Bridge.

Moored at Kilby Bridge, NB Rufford across on the water pointIMG_1694

We’ll follow on tomorrow, more than likely breaking the cross-Leicester transit at Aylestone.

It been a little cooler today than yesterday, the sunny spells have not lasted quite as long. Still very pleasant, though.

Locks 7, miles 3

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