Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Friends of friends.

Yesterday evening we heard some chatting from overhead, then this balloon landed in the field opposite.

IMG_1502Going down…

They must take some packing away, and what happens if there’s no access for the support vehicle?

We’re on the third supermoon of the summer last night and tonight…

Not as good a pic as August’s. It’s not quite as close, now a mere 226, 200 miles away.

We were away quite late this morning. There was a steady stream of boats heading north; every time I went to undo the mooring chains a boat came around the corner! It must have been busy in Crick last night.

Still, we were finally under way at around 10:45, a fine morning showing the summit level at it’s best.IMG_1510

One of the boats that passed this morning was NB Plaidy, and we were asked if we were friends of Chas and Ann, NB Moore2Life. Of course, we are.
We passed them moored near Bridge 21, and pulled in for a chat. Terry and Myra have been friends of the “Lifers” for many years, in fact their first boat, Nomad of Erehwon, was shared between the two couples.
We sat in the sun for an hour, chatting about this and that before we left them to their lunch.

Terry and Myra, NB PlaidyIMG_1511
Good to meet you both, happy cruising.

Our intention was to moor at Welford Junction, but with the tardy departure and our stop to chat we decided that it would be too late by the time we got there. So we pulled in near Mountain Barn Bridge. It’s a popular spot here, south-facing and sunny, and it’s quite busy but there was room for us.

We’ll move on to Welford tomorrow.

Thanks to all those who’ve made donations to Macmillan Cancer Support, including Kath from NB Herbie, our Zoe, Lesley off NB Yarwood, and a couple of folk who remain anonymous. You know who you are…
We’re up to £327 so far.

Thanks Sue, KevinToo and Carol for the kind comments. Should hear in the next month or so, Sue. Fingers crossed…

Locks 0, miles 3½


nb Achernar said...

Your last photo looked familiar then realised you are moored just in front of us. Thought I recognised the boat name as you pulled in.

Tom and Jan said...
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Chas and Ann said...

Pleased to see you have met our friends.