Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Six locks, one tunnel – out of Braunston

We had a bit of a wait at the bottom of Braunston Locks this morning, inevitable really at this time of year.IMG_1454

After yesterday’s frankly miserable weather, today was a pleasant contrast, warm and sunny.

When it was our turn to go up we were sharing with NB Sarah, owned by a lovely couple, Pete and Jill.

In Braunston LocksIMG_1456

Pete and Jill at the top lock

We had a steady, rather than rapid, run up the locks. Boats were coming down at all but the top one. The ladies looked after the boats very competently, the men looked after the paddles.

Pete and Jill pulled over for lunch above the locks, we pushed on through Braunston Tunnel.

Braunston Tunnel, west portal.

I don’t like these two-way tunnels, it was in here that we acquired a dent on the top bend in our first year of cruising. Today we met four boats, but we were on the best side, going east you have the benefit of wooden fendering on the right along the wall, absent on the other side.

Two boats coming, but no time for proper focus
Quite pretty, really.

We were being followed by another boat, but couldn’t tell which until we both emerged into daylight. It was NB Aldgate only lightly loaded. I’m glad we were both going the same way, that high bow must have been intimidating in the gloom of the tunnel!

We pulled in just this side of Norton Junction, it’s more open here than around the corner on the Leicester Line.

Norton Junction from Bridge 10IMG_1464

Still life…

Tomorrow we go round that corner to the left and up Watford Locks.

Thanks, Sue and Vic for the donation for my efforts next Sunday. Much appreciated. Now we just need a few more...

Locks 6, miles 4

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Steve and Ang said...

We move on to our new narrowboat Tumbleweed No5 in about 10 days and it's in Braunston getting some work done. It was good to see it on the left of your first photo.