Thursday, July 31, 2014

Top up at Tesco’s then on to Sonning

Just a short day today, moving down through Reading, through Caversham Lock to moor outside Tesco for shopping. We timed it well, arriving at the popular moorings as boats were leaving.

I said yesterday that there are some fine houses on the riverside along here, but there are also some a little less so…
It used to be a boat…

The Canada geese are a real problem here. I had to clear a path through the goose poo when we tied up, and the boarding pontoons for the trip boats are covered in it.IMG_0762


Not a popular measure, I imagine, but we really do need a cull of these birds. Nest breaking would do it…

Under Caversham BridgeIMG_0764

Reading Marine Services is based on Fry’s Island.IMG_0766

One of the drawbacks of the location is that everything has to be ferried across.

Reading BridgeIMG_0768

We timed it nicely at Caversham Lock, I barely had time to jump off before we were waved in.

Shady Caversham LockIMG_0769

Two trips into the supermarket saw the cupboards restocked, then we were on our way again, now looking for somewhere to moor for the rest of the day.

We had a visitor while we were there…
You don’t see many black swans about. Originally imported from Australia for ornamental gardens, a few have escaped into the wild.

A rather dilapidated barge sits on the bottom on the opposite side of the river.IMG_0777

It must be on the bottom, the hull looks a little leaky, and the crew don’t look much better!IMG_0777 cropped

Heading down to Sonning, the river is getting much wider now.IMG_0779

We pulled in just above Sonning Lock, fore-end in, back end sticking out, but that’s been the norm rather than the exception this year. Water levels are lower than normal.

Tomorrow we’ll toddle on, we need to use the facilities at Shiplake Lock, then we’ll find a spot to stay for the weekend. The weather is due to change, we might even have showers on Saturday!

I see a verdict of accidental death has been returned by the Coroner after the inquest into the death of a man in Harecastle Tunnel in May. An unfortunate accident and a sad loss to the family, and at least the Coroner has made some sensible suggestions...

Locks 1, miles 4

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