Monday, July 28, 2014

Lazy day at Day’s Lock

We decided not to move on today, it’s a pleasant spot here so we’ve had a day watching the boats go by.

We had a beautiful sunset last night.

Going down…


This morning Meg and I set off up Wittenham Clumps, the end hill of the short ridge known as the Sinodun Hills. You can see it from the moorings.

It’s a local landmark, crowned by a copse of trees, and giving open views out to the north, west and south. 

On the way up

From the top, looking northIMG_0664
We’re moored just right of centre…

...Just there.IMG_0665

Looking north-westPanorama_0
Didcot Power Station, 3½ miles away, is barely discernable just below the horizon and a third way in from the left.
It’s now lost three of it’s six cooling towers. Apparently the Clumps were a popular viewing site for the demolition, the local farmer enterprisingly selling bacon butties!

Little Wittenham church and the Manor HouseIMG_0674

Later in the morning I made a solo journey into Dorchester village. It’s very picturesque; were it not for the cars, TV aerials and tarmac you could be in the 18th century.IMG_0680



On the edge of the village the farmers were taking advantage of the dry weather.IMG_0678

And a group of four Red Kites were wheeling above the stubble on the lookout for displaced rodents.

Periods of cloud and sun today, and even a few (very few) drops of rain this afternoon. Moving on downstream tomorrow.

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