Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First full day on the Thames.

And we didn’t get very far!

We saw Doug and James off at just after 9 this morning, they’re heading for a lunch date in Thrupp so had to get away handily.

Bye, guys. Good to see you again.IMG_0531

I made a trip up to the Co-op in Eynsham for a paper and a few bits and pieces, then we debated what to do. I disposed of the rubbish and emptied a loo cassette, and we still hadn’t made up our minds. There are some very pleasant meadow moorings above the lock, or should we turn around and start heading downstream?

The decision was almost made for us when a boat came down the lock, those open-wide gates looked inviting. So we went up and moored on the meadow. Not ones for unconsidered actions, are we!

Leaving Eynsham Lock, pursued by a large river launch.IMG_0532

Under Swinford Bridge, dating from 1769IMG_0533
The bridge replaced a ferry crossing, and is still privately owned, charging tolls to crossing traffic. Pedestrians and cyclists use it for free…

We moored a few hundred yards up on the open meadow, just upstream of the Swinford Manor moorings where they charge £10 a night!

Moored on the meadow above Eynsham LockIMG_0534

There are several other narrowboats dotted along the bank here, and narrowboat owners are not generally known for throwing money about, so I guess it’s free here.

Riverside view…IMG_0535

…and bankside view.
I love rivers!

Locks 1, miles maybe ½, just about…

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Adam said...

When we moored there (and it was one of our favourites), the lock keeper told us that as long as we were beyond the fence it was free. I love those places where there are narrowboat-length scallops out of the bank, and you just pick the one you like!