Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hot to trot…

Well, the new alternator is fitted and working, thanks to Chris at Marine Engine Services and Justine at Abingdon Boat Centre.

That’s a bit healthier…
So we’ll push on in the morning aiming for the meadow above Days Lock I reckon.

I just hope it’s not as manic at the lock as today…DSC_0279

Yesterday evening, when it cooled a bit, Meg and I had a bit of a ball session, ending in Meg having a close encounter with goose grass…IMG_0611
…And she still wanted to keep playing! It took a while to get all the seeds out, they were all up her legs and on her belly too.

Abingdon Weir this morning

It’s been another warm day, a little cooler in the early afternoon when clouds rolled in for a bit, but the sun came out again for the evening.

Locks 0, miles 0.


Tom and Jan said...


Are you running one or two alternators?


Sue said...

If you get this before you leave..

Great mooring about quarter mile from Day's Locl. Look for a bit of a sunken branch in the water.. You will get in there easily and if you can, walk straight across the meadow between the two lakes to Dorchester xx