Monday, July 21, 2014

Three miles on the Thames

Yes, we’re finally on the Thames again. The first half-mile of today’s short trip took us down to Dukes Lock, a right turn into Dukes Cut and up Dukes Cut Lock, then along the short cut to join the King’s Mill backwater. From this point we’re actually on the river.

After topping up the tank next to where we’d moored we cruised on tick-over past the long term moorings and caught the lock just as another boat was coming out.

Dukes Lock, the last of the Oxford Canal locks for the time beingIMG_0514
A hard right turn beyond the lock cottage took us into Dukes Cut Lock, also just vacated by a boat rejoining the canal system.

Under the bridge…

…and going up around a foot onto Dukes CutIMG_0517

There are various boats moored in the weeds on the backwater…IMG_0518

…some trying, and failing, to be inconspicuous!IMG_0521

The backwater emerges just upstream of Kings Lock, and we’re on the main channel of the river.

Looking back at Kings Lock

We had just less than three miles to cruise upstream to Eynsham Lock and a planned rendezvous later in the day.

Wide, wide water.IMG_0523

The 24 hour moorings above the lock gave us a meeting place for tonight, and I went and paid money over to the lock keeper for the privilege of cruising the river. We paid for 4 weeks, due to the pricing strategy it’s actually cheaper than 3 individual weeks. We may not stay down here that long, we’ll see how it goes.

A beautiful 1930’s carvel-built launch leaving Eynsham LockIMG_0525 

Looking out of the side hatch

Late afternoon I took Meg for a walk a bit further downstream, and spotted a familiar boat headed towards us. It was Doug and James on NB Chance, arriving to join us for the night before heading back onto the canal.

NB Chance under Swinford BridgeIMG_0529

They joined us for tea and we had a good time catching up with all the news since we last met. They’ll be moving on in the morning, on a bit of a schedule.

Locks 2, miles 3½

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