Sunday, July 20, 2014

Poised for the Thames

We didn’t want to drop down to the river today, being a fine Sunday there’s likely to be a lot of day-trippers on the water, and the lockie at Kings Lock will be busy enough without having to worry about issuing a temporary licence for us.
So we just moved down to near Dukes Lock, the last Oxford Canal lock we’ll see as we’re using the Duke’s Cut to get to the river. The alternative takes you a further 2¾ canal miles, skirting the city, to Isis Lock and the Sheepwash Channel.

The weather wasn’t as dire as predicted yesterday, at least not in Oxfordshire. There were showers about, and a bit of thunder included in the afternoon, but overall it was quite a good day.

Maffi and Molly came to visit, the dogs discussed the price of Bonios while the humans focussed on more weighty matters over a cup of tea. I declined Maffi’s invite for a beverage at The Boat, I‘m well into my training now (check out the panel on the right) and a fast 6 miler would not have followed a beer or two the night before very well.

Leaving Thrupp this morning we passed NB Paneke, hovering to chat with Jane for a few minutes. Then we toddled on, past the extensive lengths of long-term moorings which get longer as you approach Oxford.

Langford Lane mooringsIMG_0505

There were quite a few boats on the move, mostly hirers out of Oxford, presumably those who started their holidays yesterday afternoon. This meant that most of the work at the two locks was done for us.

Leaving Roundham Lock

Past back garden Kidlington

We pulled in just above Kidlington Green Lock to allow a couple of boats past, new hirers tend to be a little erratic on the tiller and there wasn’t a lot of space with boats moored on the towpath side. One of those moored was Mike and his two terriers who we met on the Llangollen last winter. We had a quick catch up as the boats passed, then headed down to the lock ourselves.

Dropping down Kidlington Green LockIMG_0508


Only our second lift bridge to actually raise on the canal, Drinkwater’s Lift Bridge.

Mags holding while another boat heads towards the bridge I’m holding open (sitting on).IMG_0512

And that was it for today, just a couple of hours. We moored just beyond the bridge arch in the above picture, on the end of another length of long termers. Tomorrow morning we’ll be on deep water…

Locks 2, miles 3½

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Sue said...

Yeah, nearly here!

You could have gone out on the Thames and moored on the wonderful Kings Meadow just upstream from the lock and turn back downstream to the lock in the morning.

The river is really quiet at the moment there won't be many boats down your end.. Very few this end. On Friday there were only 4 boats past us!