Friday, September 27, 2013

What a great couple of days!

Mark (one of the “M”s in MGM Boatbuilders) invited us to moor on their wharf while we were visiting Doug and James on Chance, an offer we accepted with alacrity. It would have been OK over on the opposite side of the river, but it was pretty busy with walkers and anglers at times. From here it was a lot easier for the two boat crews to get together, and we did!

The fish and chip supper on Wednesday night was good, a chance to get to know each other. Then on Thursday morning I helped with a bit of the blacking on Chance’s hull, and last evening we had another get together over a chicken casserole. My brother Andy also joined us for that one.
Then this morning we had elevenses on board Chance, up on the slipway. A fine couple of days of good food, good wine and good company. I’m really glad we took the opportunity to travel up to Thurmaston to catch up with the lads.

Not many photos over the last two days, but I took the camera when we went aboard Chance this morning. It’s a beautiful boat, well built and lovingly maintained.

Mags and NB Chance

Inside the very smart boatSAM_6494
James is pointing out the L-shaped dinette, Mags’ reaction – “Could ours be like this”? Oh heck… I can feel a project coming on…

Mags, James and DougSAM_6496
The boat is a credit to the builders, MGM, and Doug and James who look after it. You wouldn’t believe it’s two years old.

We left a little later than planned, heading back downstream to Sileby.

Leaving MGM
See you soon guys, looking forward to doing it again.

Today has been the best day of the week so far, after a cool start it’s been a bright, warm day. We left following two boats that had just dropped down Thurmaston Lock, I think it was James that said “You might be lucky, one of them might stop at The Hope and Anchor and you’ll be able to share the locks with the other”
Sorry to disappoint, both stopped for a drink!SAM_6501

They couldn’t pull onto the pub moorings, there’s a bit of work in progress…SAM_6502

We arrived at Junction Lock to find a day boat full of pirates going down, they were in no rush so helped us down too.SAM_6503

They joined us in Cossington Lock…SAM_6504
They were having a good day…

We moored in our regular spot above Sileby Lock, and Dad drove down from the village for a cup of tea. It’s maybe the last chance we’ll see him till we’re down this way again. Unfortunately Ann is not so good today, the cast on her broken wrist and hand having had a close encounter with a shopping basket in Tesco yesterday, so she stayed at home.

We’ll be moving on down to Loughborough tomorrow.

Locks 2, miles 4

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nb Chance said...

Its been a great couple of days for us too... Hope its not too long till we meet up again xx