Thursday, September 05, 2013

Cobwebs and Carpentry

The day started really foggy up here, much like the A249 in Kent. It’s amazing that no-one there was killed.

A bit quieter up here…

With the moisture in the air the work of the local spiders was readily seen.SAM_6360

Remarkable little beasties, aren’t they.

Late morning we had NB Windsong head down the lock, Roger and Pip’s fine boat was built by Beacon Boats, and the company is having a gathering in Barrow upon Soar this weekend.

Roger and Pip
You wouldn’t have thought they’d be shy, would you! Have a good weekend, folks.

I got stuck into converting a stack of decking boards into a winter platform for coal and wood, and was all done by just after 2 o’clock.

What do you think? SAM_6365
I’ll be able to get 10 bags of smokeless on there, and it’ll double as a sun deck in the summer!

The chair I picked up from the Candlestick Factory at the mill, part of a load of second-hand stuff they were getting rid of. He wanted £3 for it but I knocked him down to £2…..
It’ll be handy for Mags when she wants to spend time with me on the back while we’re cruising. She’ll be able to take the weight off and still see out.

Locks 0, miles 0


Anonymous said...

gee the paint work on Seyella
looks great,you did an excellent job Geoff. Do you think you could do the same on Mactra's Filia next year - I'll buy you a beer.
Peter and Jennifer

Nb Yarwood said...

If Mags is going to be sunbathing on the new sun deck I think a cushion would add to her comfort....Oh, and a glass of bubbly and a doughnut!

Looks good Geoff.
X Lesley