Saturday, September 28, 2013

There’s a bit of a theme developing…

There seem to be an awful lot of them on the Soar at the moment. After the crew we shared locks with yesterday, there was another boat load this morning.SAM_6507
This one was celebrating a birthday, and what a cracking day they had for it!

Spotted on the way back, somewhat less inhibited!SAM_6513
We left at around 11, I had some shopping to do before hand, and while I was up in Sileby I popped in to see Dad and Ann having missed her yesterday. She’s a lot better today.

There have been a few boats about, though none around when we wanted to share locks, unfortunately.

On the river at Barrow upon SoarSAM_6510 

Barrow Deep Lock

Pillings Flood Lock is still open both endsSAM_6515
This one, and those at Kegworth and Redhill, are generally open during the summer months. From October onwards they revert to normal lock operation to maintain the water levels in the artificial sections and prevent flooding. This year, with the river so low, it’ll maybe be a little later.

Heading into Loughborough we spotted a familiar boat heading towards us; it was Dave and Dilys on their boat Trundle.

Dave and Dil
We were hoping to catch up with them while we were down here, but all we managed was a brief shouted conversation. Never mind, next time, eh.

We pottered into Loughborough, mooring up short of Chain Bridge. Onward towards the Trent tomorrow.

Locks 3, miles 6¾

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