Friday, September 20, 2013

Out, but not far…

Today dawned bright and sunny as predicted, a good day for boating. Water tank filled, refuse disposed of, we were ready to go when I noticed the cratch cover on NB Brindley open, so  went over to introduce myself to the new owners, Norman and Leah. Andy and Therese, the former owners of this fine boat, were regular blog readers, and Andy had told me that the boat had changed hands.

Norman and Leah came back to Seyella to meet Mags, and we had coffee accompanied by some very tasty Brittany biscuits, brought back from where they used to live.

Good to meet you both, don’t forget to look up The Lifers in Cropredy over the winter…

Leaving Pillings Lock Marina

There’re some ponies grazing on the perimeter of the marina, this one has good reason for that complacent smile, he’s got five legs!SAM_6448

On my walks with Meg while we’ve been here I spotted a tree down just up the canal from the marina entrance, and another sizeable branch just upstream, so first job was to secure a bit of free fuel.
The tree has already been comprehensively poached, but I still managed to get some useable branches out of the undergrowth.

We reversed to turn around and moored below Pillings Lock, from where I could collect the other branch.

Not a bad haul….SAM_6449

….soon converted into manageable chunks, ready for the axeSAM_6451
I’m afraid Mags won’t be using her sundeck for a while…

Moored below Pillings LockSAM_6453

By the time I’d got the wood cut it was mid-afternoon. so we decided to stay put.

View from the galley windowSAM_6456

Hi Adam, yes, our paths should cross at some point. Looking forward to meeting you both.

Locks 0, miles ½

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