Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There and back again… and back again.

We left Barrow Cut yesterday morning, intending only to go to Mountsorrel, but the moorings above the lock were full so we toddled on another mile and stopped below Sileby Lock, opposite the mill, where we took the opportunity to top up the diesel tank.

On Sunday we were surprised by Ali and Baz an NB Mickey Jay, last seen on the Macclesfield earlier in the year.

Ali and Baz below Barrow Deep LockSAM_6459

Wier-y ducks at Barrow?

We’d arranged to meet my Dad and Stepmum for lunch at The Waterside today, so returned to Mountsorrel, but the two boats on the moorings were still in residence.
It’s pretty quiet though, and the lock moorings are quite long here, so we naughtily dropped on the end.

While we were in the pub we missed Adam and Adrian on NB Briar Rose coming up the lock. We knew they were on the way and were looking forward to meeting them. Just too busy eating and chatting, I’m afraid. Sorry, guys.

Lunch done we came back to the boat for tea, then our visitors left at around 4 o’clock. Not wanting to stay overnight on the lock landing, we returned to Sileby, going up the lock this time and mooring above. It’s a fine spot, this.

Moored above Sileby LockSAM_6465

Yesterday evening I got the roof and the left cabin side washed down, this evening I’ve done the right hand side. It’s great to know that it’ll be just as shiny when the rinse water dries, as when it’s wet!

To Thurmaston to meet up with Doug and James tomorrow.

Locks 2, miles 5


Adam said...

Sorry to have missed you - I even glanced through the pub window to see if you were in there, although I didn't want to look too odd peering through!

Carol Palin said...

Love the new blog header photo - very smart!