Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Volts, volts and more volts….

Yes, with new batteries fitted we’re looking good. And they’re a fetching shade of primrose, brightening up the battery tray….
Of course. the final proof will be tomorrow morning. They’ve only had less than an hour’s charge off the engine today, but they should have been well up when I fitted them.

Can you see the canny little tool I made for the filler caps? A bit of broom handle with a 2 pence coin fixed in the end…. Just the job.

We made the right choice, postponing our trip to Streethay till today. A far better day, less wind, a lot warmer and even a bit of sun first thing. But a night of -4° had left a skin of ice on the canal. While Terry and I debated which of us should get off first to cut a path, the Willow Wren hire boat NB Avocet went past, solving the problem.

Sue and Vic came down to say cheerio, we should catch up with them again in the autumn. They’re off to catch up with Mo and Ness on NB Balmaha for their trip across The Wash.
Jealous? Me? YES! But this year is not the year for anything too intrepid.Sad smile

Big Meg and Penny pup off NB No ProblemSAM_4664
Both cracking dogs, though Penny has run our Meg ragged these last couple of days.

We got away just before NB The Rooster’s Rest, steadily plodding south on the Coventry Canal.

Leaving Fradley, just for a bitSAM_4665

We met a couple of boats around the bends at Brookhay, a small private narrowboat was being led by NB Auriga, selling coal.

The Auriga is a Star Class boat, built at Harland and Wolff’s yard in 1935, the front half of a Grand Union Canal Carrying Company pair, the butty being Argo. She was sold by BW in 2010, having been part of the Trent and Mersey maintenance fleet.
She’s new on the network, at least I’ve not seen her selling fuel before. And she’s not listed on Lock 13. The Historic Narrow Boat Club’s entry is here.

We arrived at Streethay Wharf at around 11:50, and were away again, retracing our route, 45 minutes later.

NB The Rooster’s Rest passed while we were hovering, waiting for Avocet to clear the wharfSAM_4672
This one’s for you, Kerry. Welcome aboard…
We’ll see Terry and Pam in the summer, all being well, maybe on The Weaver. Looking forward to it. Have a good trip, you two.

While at Streethay I also replaced a gas bottle which had run out two days ago (good timing) and picked up a container of loo blue sachets to try.
At £12 they’re about the same price as 4 litres of the wet stuff, and should do about the same number of empties. And there’s less chance of staining the mat….

We were intending to head back to the junction, but I had a rethink. Stores need to be replenished and I was planning to stop at Rugeley for a couple of trips to Morrison’s. But there’s a handy bit of piling near the old waterworks, right alongside the road…. just right for Mr Tesco.
So we’re there for tonight, and will move back to Fradley Junction tomorrow lunchtime after the delivery.

Mags has been having a bit of an off day today, so we may not get further than that, but if she’s feeling better we’ll probably push on up the locks to Kings Bromley or thereabouts.

Locks 0, miles 4¼

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