Monday, March 18, 2013

A Good Haul

Did well for freebies today. First off someone had left a piling hook at the water point, then, as we pulled off after using the facilities, we picked up something on the prop. I persevered till we got up Hoo Mill Lock, hoping it would clear on it’s own, but had to delve in the dingy recesses of the weed hatch when we were out.
A length of rope was around the shaft, pulling it up revealed a shackle, followed by a rubber fender.
I wish every trip “down under” was as productive!

Getting onto the facilities wharf was as difficult as usual, with a three-way junction and a hire base here, there tends to be boats milling about, even on an off-season Monday morning.

Traffic Jam…SAM_4746

The hedge has been cut back and layed alongside Hoo Mill Lock, revealing an old steam engine in the remains of a shed.

Pump, maybe? Certainly 19thC portable power.SAM_4749

The gloomy start to the day cleared, leaving us with a fine sunny cruise. Still cool in that north-easterly, though.

Cruising the Trent valleySAM_4761

If I was forced to choose, I think Weston Lock would be my favourite on this stretch of waterway. It’s away from the village, and is on the middle of an “S” bend so you come across it unexpectedly.

Weston LockSAM_4754
There is room for just one boat above and below the lock at the end of the landings, and with no roads anywhere near it’s very peaceful for an overnight mooring.

Salt Bridge, No. 82
If you’ve got to build a brick arch, why not make it decorative as well as functional?

It’s that time of year again….

We pulled in above Sandon Lock, between Bridges 84 and 85. There’s good length of piling here, and the grassy towpath is pretty dry.

Moored behind Moore2Life between 84 and 85SAM_4763

Ann and I took the dogs for a circular walk along the towpath, across the fields, along a path ankle deep in sheep poo and back along the road to the canal.

Just right for lamb chess…
White ones….
…And black ones!

Keep looking guys, I’m sure I dropped it here!SAM_4769

It looks like tomorrow could be much the same as today, but a little cooler. We’ll probably move up to Stone in the morning.

And John Sage has acquired another puncture! Although it could be my repair from the other day. It’s in the same area…
Sad smile

Locks 3, miles 6


Sue said...

Job?, Day?, Idea?

Is this a new type competition Geoff!

Geoff and Mags said...

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Geoff and Mags said...

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Sue said...

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