Monday, March 25, 2013

Stone Common Plott

No, not a typo, that’s what it says on the sign…SAM_4800

The common is an area of rising ground north of the railway and east of the town. There are good views from the higher areas…

South-westPanorama from Stone Common Plott


Even at this low elevation there are 2-3 foot drifts against the hedges.

Ann in Bonnington modeSAM_4807

The dogs loved it, chasing around like a pair of spring lambs. Molly has a bit of a sore paw, but it didn’t slow her down this afternoon!

Meg looks on from the top of Mudley Pits, believed to be earthworks erected by the Duke of Cumberland to protect his artillery from Bonnie Prince Charlie’s advance in 1745.SAM_4805

We’re definitely moving tomorrow…

Just picked this up on NB No Direction’s blog, well spotted Ray or Jayne…. You couldn’t make it up, could you.

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