Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of Spring? Yeah, right!

That’s it, it’s the Vernal Equinox, it’s officially Spring. Not that it feels like it, and the forecast for the next few days is worse, with snow, freezing nights and strong easterly winds.
I was tempted to misquote Robert Browning – “Oh to be in England now that Spring is here” – Home thoughts, from Abroad, written in Italy in 1845. The actual quote is “….now that April’s there”

I just hope that I’m not going to ironically use the line in a 12 day’s time….

A glimpse of spring, dwarf daffs near StoneSAM_4778 Daffs

We left our mooring near Bridge 85 this morning over half an hour after Chas and Ann on Moore2Life. It takes us a little longer to get organised these days.
And I was chatting on the towpath with blog readers Roland and Bev who’ve just finished their winter lay-over in Aston Marina. Good to meet you, have a good summer (if we get one).
I didn’t have my camera to hand, so didn’t get a picture, but as a consolation prize here’s one of your boat…

Fine looking NB KlaraSAM_4773 Roland and Bev's NB Klara

We had just one lock today, Aston Lock just beyond the marina.

Tinwork dragon at Aston MarinaSAM_4776 Aston Marina

Looking back at Aston Lock
SAM_4777 Aston Lock
These next handful of locks are deeper than those further down the valley, around 8 or 10 feet as the gradient increases up to Stoke.

We pulled up behind M2L on the 5 day moorings below Star Lock.
Tomorrow, before the forecast snow arrives, we’ll maybe move up through the locks and wait out the weather below Meaford.

Our hearts go out to the family of six year old Imie, drowned in the Staffs and Worcs Canal near Kidderminster yesterday. We often moor near to where the tragedy occurred, at Wolverley Court Lock. Unsupervised kids and water, a dangerous combination.

Locks 1, miles 3½


Carol said...

Oh dear, and I am picking up a hire boat from Willington Marina on Saturday. LOL. Last year in the same week we had marvelous weather on the Trent and Mersey. Still, I have never cruised in snow before and you have to take the rough with the smooth............

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Carol
It's not so much the snow, more the wind. I guess you'll be heading this way again, the Trent and Soar could be getting full again...