Wednesday, December 05, 2012

What to do, what to do…

As our regular reader will know, we’re here at Barton Marina for two weeks, then the plan is to move on to Mercia, where we’ve provisionally booked a three month winter mooring.
OK, that’s the plan. I’ve been to the office today to check up on fees for a winter mooring here. Turns out it’s considerably cheaper. All things being equal we’re looking at nearly £200. Not to be sniffed at, considering we hadn’t budgeted for a mooring at all.

On the downside is the distance you have to tote loo cassettes and rubbish, and the fact that we’re a little further from my family than we would be at Mercia.

There is a surgery and pharmacist in Barton, as well as the usual range of shops you’d find in a large village, and it’s only 15 minutes away on foot. Not much more than Willington would be from Mercia.

Fine looking church, too.DSC_0031

Meg likes it here, plenty of open space and woodland to chase about in.

It looks like we’re going to have to make up a pros/cons list….

I met Terry and Pam from NB Rooster’s Rest today. What a very pleasant couple. They’re friends of Mo and Ness on NB Balmaha. I think I’d consider them ours, too, now. They’re here for a winter mooring, but are on the far side of the marina to us.

Mags continues to improve steadily, still working at getting those fingers fully operational.

The marina is going all festive.SAM_4432

Locks 0, miles 0


Nev Wells said...

Both Willington and Barton are nice places. If I were to choose I'd go for Barton, but if I was to choose marina's it would be Mercia..... how about spending half time in each?


Julie said...

Hello both.
Hope you're both doing ok.
I don't know eitha Marina I'm afraid but could you ask to be moved at your current home so that you are closer to all the facilities?

Carol Palin said...

Hi Geoff
You could also be ‘on the other side to the services’ at Mercia and won’t know until you get there!
Is there a possibility of moving closer to the services at Barton if you take a winter mooring?
You sound quite settled there and we’re pleased that Mags is continuing to improve. Take care of each other.
Carol and George

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No Direction said...

Geoff, £200 will buy Mags and you quite a few meals in the Waterfront.